Zavidovo SUP challenge 2019

Annual SUP race in Russia with prize pool
Zavidovo SUP challenge is regular SUP race takes place in May and September. Organizer is

List of participants

Race takes place with Russian Surfing Federation info support. It is also going to be in official sports schedule of Tverskaya obl. Sports department. 
21 of September
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Who is invited?
PRO and beginners


Long distance
Short distance
Kids race
+ dog race

Long distance - 26 km.

All types and sizes of boards are allowed.

Men and women go separately.  

Minimum racer age - 16 years. 

Short distance - 18 km.

All types and sizes of boards are allowed.

Men and women go separately.  

Minimum racer age - 16 years. 

Distance - 300 meters.

All riders will go at the same boards. 

Boys and girls go together.

Allowed age: 7-12 years

Please register as FAN to get ticket for your child. 

Distance - 600 meters.

All boards are allowed. 

Men and women go together.

Minimum rider age: 16 years

Please register as FAN to get ticket for this race. 

The route

18 km short distance
26 km long distance
Zavidovo SUP challenge

Zavidovo is national park with interesting basin which consists of some rivers and the largest Russian river – Volga.

All rivers fall into Ivankovskoey basin. It is huge basin which was built to provide Moscow with water from Volga. It goes to Moscow where flows into Moskva river.

The route of the race starts at the beach area of Radisson Zavidovo hotel, then goes to Shosha river and then to Volga river and then to Ivankovskoe basin.



Camping in Zavidovo 700 rub/d (discount 15%)


Radisson Zavidovo - Start/Finish (discount10%)


"Yamskaya" hotel - discount 15%

Find more at

Zavidovo is very nice resort. You can spend some unforgettable days here!

Prizes and nominations

PRO Long distance
Lucky PRO
Lucky short distance
Kids race
PRO long distance
First 3 men and 3 women who came to long distance finish during 6 hours and less. 
Номинация «ПРО гонка»
Second place
7 000 RUR
+ 20% discount
Номинация «ПРО гонка»
Third place
5 000 RUR
+ 20% discount
Certificate for orders at*
Certificate allows to pay order at only ones. It is not possible to split amount into some parts. It is possible to buy something more expensive with extra pay.  Discount is valid for one order only and not cover Red paddle production.

Lucky PRO, long distance
Any rider who successfully came to long distance finish can take part in lottery for LUCKY PRO prize found. 
The winers of long distance (1,2,3) place are also allowed to take part in lottery. However he or she should choose only one price: Certificate or prize from lottery.  
* Prizes are subject to change.
short distance
Any rider who successfully came to short distance finish can take part in lottery for LUCKY short distance prize found. 
The participants of long distance can not take part in short distance lottery.
* Prizes are subject to change.
Kids race
All riders will go at the same boards.
Allowed age: 7-12 years
Second place
Prize for 2rd place
Third place
Prize for 3rd place
Boys and girls go together.
* Prizes are subject to change.
Prizes for all participants
All participants will receive commemorative badges.
All dogs will receive prizes from sponsors.
Professional photo and video report


Short distance
2000 RUR
Short distance
+ board rent
3000 RUR
Long distance
3000 RUR
Long distance
+ board rent
4000 RUR
Fan / kids / +dog
1500 RUR

A Fan ticket gives you the right to eat at a dinner and a pitstop, a discount on hotel accommodation (soon to be), as well as on participation in the Children's Race and the Race with Dogs. Fans do not participate in the prize draw.

One fan ticket = one children ore + dog racing registration.

List of rent boards availability.  Please specify in comment what board from the list you wish. 

The list of available boards
Free tickets (with own board):
Buyers from the regions, made the purchase no earlier than September 1 2018, who did not take as a gift SUP-face t-shirt and did not participate in the Zavidovo SUP Challenge 2019 race in May.
1,2,3 place winners at Russian SUP championship 2018.
Zavidovo SUP challenge 2018 winners (1-3 place), 2019 PRO and amateur (1-3 place)
ТОP-20 SUP riders
Registration is mandatory!
— members
— participants of Zavidovo SUP challenge 2018 and Zavidovo SUP challenge 2019


Day first (20 of September)
Day second (21 of September)
Day three (22 of September)
September 17-19 - Pre-registration (issuing a starter pack and number) in the SUP-club store in Moscow.
15:00 —
Masterclasses in SUP surf with Sonni Hönscheid on the beach "Radisson Zavidovo";
15:00 - 21:00 —
Registration, issuing starter packs;
08:30 —
Meeting at Radisson Zavidovo hotel (parking lot);
08:30-09:30 —
Registration, issuing starter packs;
08:30-09:30 —
09:30 —
10:00 —
Start of participants of a long and short distance!
15:00-17:00 —
Dinner for participants;
17:30 —
Winners rewarding;
19:00 - 22:00 —
Beach party;

During the course there will be 2 pit stops. For participants in the "Long distance" mandatory is the second pit stop. For the participants of the "Short distance" pit stop is optional.

During the pit stops, food suitable for the race will be organized: bananas, energy bars, isotonic, dried fruits, nuts, tea and coffee

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program!

Tea, coffee
Milk, jam
Pit stop
Bananas, dry fruits
Energy bar
Isotonic, water
Chicken broth
Tea, coffee
Gala dinner
"Ukha" (fish soup)
Sausage slicing
Tea, coffee
Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, greens

We want you to have some relax at the day three. We have prepared some light racing events, lectures and funs for you!
Second day is free for second day participants. If you want to take part only in day three, please buy ticket as FAN.
11:00 —
Debriefing with Sonni Hönscheid on the beach of the Radisson Zavidovo hotel;
13:30 —
Start children!
14:00 —
Start participants with dogs!
15:00 - 17:00 —
The art party led by Sonny, for competitors.


By car
By train

We meet at the hotel’s beach Radisson Zavidovo


There is free and paid parking.
On site parking fee 200 rubles (400 meters to the beach) and 1000 rubles (200 meters to the beach).
Free parking outside the hotel.

By train please go to ZAVIDOVO rail road station. You can get here from Moscow (Leningradsky terminal). 
Trains schedule available here 

There will be organized transfer from rail road station to start point and back. 

If you need transfer from rail road station please specify it in comments of your registration form. 

Cost of transfer - 300 RUR. 

Race will be guarded by professional life guards at motor boars. 
Any participant can take of at any time. Take of participant will be transfered to finish on the boat.
Medical assistance point will be available at start, pit stops,  finish points. Boats will have medicine kit on board. 
Regulations is available now only in Russian language. We will translate it soon. 
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